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A swarm of 6 or more can kill larger creatures without losing any of the swarm. Due to their size, they are hard to hit, even for wild dinos.

By leveling up health and damage, you can turn it into a “battle bat.”

Creatures with large AOE attacks can hurt or kill your swarm without having to touch them.

They can ride on your shoulder and be thrown at a creature to attack it. While sitting on your shoulder, they can attack termites and compies.

Dimorphodons also have the ability to shield whoever they are following, be it survivor or tame. Setting them to follow you closely will make them circle around, and any hits will land on them instead of you.

Dimorphodons can be used for destroying bee hives and capturing queen bees. They can easily reach and break open any hive, when whistled to attack it, without angering the drones, as long as the player keeps far enough away while they do this. Then, they can be whistled to passive and brought back, without harming the queen or attracting the attention of the drones.

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Normal, Aberrant


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