When is Genesis coming out?

If you live anywhere besides Asia, it comes out tonight, Tues. Feb. 25 at 7pm EST. If you’re in Asia, all we know is that it’ll be sometime in March.

What is the difference between Official and Unofficial PC for PS4? Does it mean I have to have a PC?

Official means the Ark servers are run by Wild Card. Unofficial PC servers are run by a few companies that Sony gave permission to manage servers, and then rented out to individuals and companies to create their own playing areas.

What is a cluster?

Each Ark map requires its own server. A cluster is 2 or more Ark servers running different maps and letting people travel and carry items across maps. Apocalypse Now PVP has 6 maps in its cluster, including Genesis, while Apocalypse Now PVE has 8 maps including Genesis.

I just signed in and can’t do anything. Why can’t I access stuff?

There is a glitch in ark related to bunk beds and tek pods. You can either look at your bed and transfer beds (one of the only things the game will allow you to do) or destroy your bed, log out, and log back in.